Meeting the requirements of today’s the accurate bending is an essential part of the sheet metal forming, that is why we have placed great emphasis on choosing the most modern bending devices. We are able to bend  even 4 meter long metal parts with our high-tech, non -standard sizes Amada press brake machine. Thanks to the larger opening height  we can also produce  metal parts with high lateral bending.

According to our customers’ expectations, our highly qualified, experienced specialists can produce high-precision parts in a short time in small and large series as well. With our bending tools, we can do most of the bendings, flattenings and mark-free bendings.

If it is necessary, we are able to design tools, and after that one of our a well-established partners can produces it for us in very short time. We undertake to bend carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and special material sheet metal parts for companies and for private persons too.


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